"The frozen roller is perfect for busy people, athletes and everyone in between. The shape allows you to get the cold therapy exactly where you need it.The raised bumps allow for there to be increased circulation upon rolling. Everyone needs at least one of these in their freezer at all times or out and about with them in a cooler at the game, etc."

Victoria P. - Massage Therapist


"I am a licensed Massage Therapist and have recommended the Frozen Roller to clients that need the healthful benefits of cryotherapy. The Frozen Roller has proven to be the most effective tool I have found because of the unique design and long lasting cold. If cold therapy is indicated by your health provider, you will be well served by this product."

Eric S. - Massage Therapist


"I would like to say that after working 10-16 hour shifts and standing on my feet all day, this is a phenomenal device. I used it on my feet, calves and neck and the results were amazing. This device is so simple, compact and takes up very little room in the freezer. I recommend this device to anyone who's muscles feel fatigued or strained, especially after a long day at work. This device gets a 5 star rating!"

Lonnie R. - Austin Police Department